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presents blitz

Mix 96 wants to help you tackle ALL of your Christmas shopping. . . in 96 minutes.


You will have 96 minutes to spend $150 dollars in each of these stores!

  • Dino's Appliance and Mattress Centre
  • Mil-Jeanne Flowers and Azcenz
  • Pure Footwear
  • Western Bearing and Auto Parts
  • Your MTS Connect Store in Portage / Megacomputers.ca


Starting Monday, listen for the cue to call. When you hear it, be the sixth caller through and you'll instantly win a 6-inch sub from Subway Restaurants PLUS an entry into The 96 Minute Shopping Blitz draw!


Give yourself a better chance of winning by heading to these local businesses to enter your name into their draw boxes.


Find out if you're a winner December 5th


highway 1


In early 2015, the NDP Government will increase the speed limit to 110 km/h on the Trans Canada from Winnipeg to the Saskatchewan border. The highway is already 110km/h from the Saskatchewan border to Virden. 




OCN Action

Have you ever wondered what happens when the Terriers go on the road? Yes they get to OCN, but do they stay the night? Where do they stay? Does the play by play team take the bus or drive on their own? Find out in the second installment of the Portage Terriers Road to the RBC video series "Road Trip"




Operation Christmas Child is still collecting shoe-boxes through until Sunday by 4pm at the Portage Mall, so we thought we'd drop off our own donation of items.


For all the details on what to put in one of these shoeboxes see HERE.  Boxes are available at any of the drop-off locations which can be found on the Events Calender.

mad hatter


Today is Hat Day! Where students pay a loonie to wear their favourite hat during class. That loonie goes to help Portage Plains United Way.



Where did the term 'mad as a hatter' come from?


Hat makers relied on toxic mercury to make felt for hats that would eventually drive them mad. Author, Lewis Carroll, made this term popular in 1865 when he published Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This book was published after The Factory Act passed in 1864, which required hat manufacturers to have proper ventilation. 


What are the most popular hats in history?



10. Fez 

This hat originated in the ancient city of Fez, Morocco. Also known as a tarboosh. 




9. Boater 

The boater originated from sailors in the Royal Navy close to the nineteenth centruy. These hats became part of children's school uniforms in Victoria, England. Gentlemen would wear a boater hat to the beach!

BoaterStrawHat wb


8. Bowler 

Also known as the Coke. This hat was created for a farmer, William Coke, in 1850. In order to protect the head, shellac was applied to harden the hat. When William Coke was given the hat, he jumped on it to see if it would withstand his weight . . . it did. 




7. Newsboy Cap (Or Gatsby) 


newsboy cap copy copy



6. Beret 

The real orgin of the beret is lost. The beret traces back to the Greek Island of Crete in 1500 b.c.e. This was the "IT" hat during the middle ages. 




5. Sombrero





4. Top Hat

The first top hat appeared in 1760 in Florence, Italy. It became popular after the French Revolution. London jumped on the top hat bandwagon in 1810. 

top hat 2



3. Fedora 

The name Fedora stems from the name of the heroine in a French play written by Victorien Sardou in 1882. 




2. The Cowboy Hat





1. Baseball Cap

You own at least one. At least. The Brooklyn Excelsiors baseball team in 1860 were the first to wear a similiar baseball cap that would eventually become a staple. Before the baseball cap, players would wear straw hats. 

 jets hat