Cross Canada Canoe Odyssey


From left to right: Nathalie Brunet, Whitney Vanderleest, Ross Phillips, Shane Ringham, Stephanie Robertson and Abby Lewis are traveling across the country by canoe.


The love of water and thrill of travel has a group of Canadians called the "Cross Canada Canoe Odyssey" making their way through Canada, from the Pacific to the Atlantic ocean. The group made their way from Delta Marsh to Portage on Monday, after covering Lake Manitoba.

Member Ross Phillips explains their journey started on April 17th and have been traveling for 80 days, with almost 3500 km's covered. Phillips notes they are trying to raise awareness for the importance of fresh water resources, but ultimately for the love of canoeing and being on the water. He adds they also support the Canadian Heritage River System and Nature Conservancy of Canada, organizations they feel are doing great work for the cause.

Phillips says the view from the water is quite unique, noting the wildlife, weather, and landscapes are always changing. He shares they still have a lot of travel ahead of them.


Be sure to visit their website for more information on their trip. You can check out their progress by clicking here!