Horfrost Receives Another Nod


Jeff Mialkowski, Chef


Portage's own Horfrost has received more positive reviews with an article in CAA magazine by writer Shelz Zolkewich.

Chef Jeff Mialkowski says Zolkewich has frequented the restaurant a few times sampling items from their menu and a few new creations as well. He notes Zolkewich really captured what they are trying to do with the restaurant and says they try to cater to anyone that visits.

Mialkowski explains they have been open for 4 years, are still going strong, and they relish the challenge that comes with new customers. He adds although the article was positive he doesn't take it as a compliment, because for every good comment there's a negative one as well.

Mialkowski says what's important is the quality of his food and giving the customer what they're paying for.


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The article in CAA is not available but here is another story by Zolkewich on Horfrost.