Idle No More Protest In Portage la Prairie

dec28 idlenomore1Photos courtesy Eoin Devereux


Idle No More has returned to Portage la Prairie. About 40 people gathered in front of city hall this afternoon to protest changes to environmental and aboriginal affairs.

Terry Pashe was one of those who attended. He says he hopes people across the country see these demonstrations and understand this is more than a First Nations issue.

"I hope that the rest of Canada wakes up, opens their eyes and realizes what the government is doing, not just to us, First Nations, but to all Canadians." says Pashe. "December 4th, Canada had 5 million protected lakes and waterways, but now, the way they (the government) are pushing this bill, Canada had less than 300 protected waterways.".

Micheline Berard says they hope people understand why they are doing this and are inspired to act.

"Stand with the First Nations because it's not just a First Nations fight." says Berard. "Everybody needs to know that we need to dig our heels down and say no."


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