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Portage's Most Huggable Man - Round IV

Round III is over and it was our closest yet. With 24% of the vote, Coty Councilor Ryan Espey just barely won and moved on to the final with Geno Romanow (round 2 winner) and Kyle Pettinger. (round 1 winner) 

Ryan Espey


Now it's time for Round IV - People nominated by email or Facebook Messages. Voting will go until 11am on Friday for this round. Good Luck!




Cheers with the Tim Hortons Community Coffee Run!


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The Mix Team had a blast keeping Portage warm with hot chocolate. coffee and prizes on the first of many "Brewed" awakenings! Keep listening to Mix to find out where we're headed next! 


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Portage's Most Huggable Man - Round 3

Round 2 is over and with 44% of the vote, Geno Romanow move's on to the final with Round 1 winner, Kyle Pettinger.





Now it's time for Round 3, the politcal division. Voting goes until 11am on Wednesday. That's when we'll find out who the next finalist is and introduce the Round 4 Contestants.








The Tim Hortons Community Coffee Run Returns!


Are you ready for a "Brewed" Awakening?  We're bringing back the Tim Hortons Community Coffee Run thanks to Paraclete Transport, Mayfair Print Shop, Keystone Sports Excellence, Portage Mall and of course Tim Horton's.  Watch for us out and about over the next few weeks as we "coffee bomb" Portage La Prairie.  We could show up anywhere with free coffee, hot chocolate and other prizes so make sure you stay listening for clues through the day!


Have an idea where we should be?  Let us know during the Mix 96 Morning Show with Pearl Tymchuck or on our Facebook page or Twitter account!


-Mix 96, keeping you warm this winter!



 Mix 96 gave Portage a "Brewed" Awakening Monday! Check out the video below: 

Portage's Most Huggable

Round 1 Voting is over and even though it was very close, there had to be a winner. By a slim margin, with 35% of the vote, Mil-Jeanne's Kyle Pettinger is off to the finals. Darren Miller was oh so close at 29% but it was not meant to be. He was a finalist in 2012.



And now, Round 2. There will be 5 rounds. At the end, all 5 winners will compete for the big prize, Portage's Most Huggable Man 2015!