The month of July in 2021 was one of the driest the Portage community has seen in years but 2022 was the complete opposite. According to local weather observer Henry Romance, July of this year saw more than ten times more precipitation than last year.

Last month saw 101 millimetres of rain hit the region with that same period last year only having nine millimetres. July of 2020 is a little more comparable as it saw 52 millimetres of precipitation, however, this year was still almost double that amount.

When looking at the spring/summer as a whole, 2022 has hit Portage with 437 millimetres between April and July. This is the most to hit the region during this period since 2010 with the second highest coming in 2015 with 322 millimetres of precipitation falling from the sky. This four-month stretch saw just 137 millimetres last year.

To view these statistics from Environment and Climate Change Canada's Southport station, click here.