Paul Sainsbury is the newest name on the list to vote for in the Portage la Prairie election next month. 

Sainsbury says he's been a resident of Portage for more than 35 years and came to this town because of the military.

"I'm looking to make a difference," says Sainsbury. "I've been here 35-plus years and it's time to give back. I want to build on the last couple of councils where they're moving the city forward. I'd like to continue that and, hopefully, grow the city. That's a big thing."

He says we have a great community and the population needs to start to increase.

"I've been involved with the golf course board, a couple of hockey boards over the years, and I think they should vote for me for progress," notes Sainsbury. "I thought about running a few years ago and it just wasn't the right time for me. I have adult children now, so I'm not busy with them anymore. I was busy chasing them around for sports and we're not doing that anymore, so it's just the right time for me."

Sainsbury says he's particularly interested in economic development.

"That's my big thing," adds Sainsbury. "I've worked for a couple of big industries. I worked for the hospital. I'd like to get on board and see that new hospital built as fast as possible. I worked at Simplot for a lot of years, so I got involved with some of the businesses and have a lot of friends that worked at Simplot, McCain and Roquette. If we could bring know another business like that to town, I'd be fantastic."