The Austin lagoon's in need of upgrades. Municipality of North Norfolk Mayor Neil Christoffersen says they've required it for some time.

"This started out from a visit from Conservation years ago when one of their officers came to council meeting and said our lagoon was leaking because there were cattails growing outside of the berm," explains Christoffersen. "We hired the necessary consultants who did all the testing, and came back and told us the lagoon wasn't leaking. We needed a new one."

He notes it was built in the 80's, and Austin's since expanded to the extent that the lagoon likewise requires enlargement. The current lagoon has two cells for solid and one for liquids, and they plan to make it all into a single liquid container and construct another for solid waste. The project will cost about half a million dollars, while depending on half of the cost to be provided by the Water Services Board as is the usual case in similar circumstances.