Big Brothers Big Sisters Central Plains is once again offering the FUSE program to help youth get into the workforce more easily.

Executive Director Dawn Froese says it ignites youth potential and provides them with the tools they need to acquire a career job or go on to post-secondary education. 

"On November 5th, we're actually not concentrating on post-secondary education so much as we are employment," notes Froese. "We're offering a workshop from 9:30 to 4:30 for individuals 14 to 21. If you're just over 21 and you think you could benefit from it, you can certainly come. We're going to do hands-on interactive sessions and it will include career assessments, making a plan, resume financial literacy -- for example, how to read your paycheque when you start getting one -- and workplace situations."

She explains workplace situations focus on how you should handle various situations that commonly arise at the workplace.

Froese says they started the program up when COVID first hit Portage, and they weren't able to go ahead with the last planned session as a result. 

"Since then, we've been doing some online versions and, when we've been allowed, we've been doing some in-person gatherings," continues Froese. "This will definitely be a day that's an in-person event. It's the first time we're just doing a day-workshop, so that's new for us. There's no cost to register and lunch will be provided."

She notes they're funded by RBC Future Launch and fill out surveys for this funder that revealed some positive points about the program.

"We know that of those who have taken part in the program already, 71 per cent of them feel more ready for the next year and for making some decisions than otherwise, if they had not come," adds Froese. "They're definitely picking up skills, learning things, and having a fun time while they're doing it." 

If you'd like to get involved, find the information in community events at PortageOnline, email or give them a call.