The Portage la Prairie Bear Clan has brought in a new administrator for the time being while Manon Timshel goes on maternity leave.

Renata Beaulieu will be taking the reins and says she's been wanting to get involved with the Bear Clan for quite some time now, but with the winter we experienced, she wasn't particularly interested in going out for patrols. She notes, that now that the weather is getting nicer, it's the perfect time to jump in.

She explains how she believes her upbringing will help her contribution to the Bear Clan.

"I have lived on a reserve more than half of my life and I know some of the struggles that some of these people face," says Beaulieu. "Especially with affordable housing and looking for resources and that kind of thing."

She adds, that when the role was advertised, they were asking for people to commit 24 hours per week. Beaulieu, also being a teacher, wasn't able to spend that much time, so they compromised on 10 hours per week.

Jacinda Houle is Beaulieu's assistant and says she's been doing a great job so far.

"I know she's going to do well in this position because I've lived in this community my whole life," explains Houle. "And, as she said, I think it's great to have an Indigenous person in the position."

They both would like to stress that they're always in need of additional hands. If you're interested in helping out, or if you find something that needs to be taken care of in the community such as needles, message them on their Facebook page here.