Baseball Manitoba's umpire clinic is invading Stride Place this weekend.

Any Portager ages 13 and up looking to get involved in baseball without swinging a bat is welcome to attend the training session. Level four umpire and instructor Trent Lepine says the course takes place on Sunday and notes this is for anyone no matter their prior involvement in the sport.

"This course is for new level one umpires, so if they are looking to become first-time umpires. Also, we are welcoming those looking to become level two umpires," Lepine explains. "If you umpired last year, you can sign up to move up to level two. Both of these will be held at Stride Place."

Lepine says all the level one umpires will be given a jersey for the season on Sunday. No matter how old you are when signing up, Lepine says you'll more than likely start at the lower levels to harness your skills.

"With the level ones, they'll mostly be umpiring for the U9s and U11s, just so they can get used to calling balls and strikes," says Lepine. "The young ones are also learning to play the ball game. So, that's the perfect place for the level ones to practice their calls and positioning, and learn the rules. You have to start somewhere and that's where the level ones will start."

Lepine says his daughter is one of the people already signed up for the Portage umpire and notes he's happy to see that she's taking after her father. 

He notes they're hoping to have around ten future umpires attend the clinic on Sunday. Lepine says all you need gear-wise is a grey pair of pants, a mask, and a starter kit with a ball bag and brush. For any locals looking to become an umpire click here.