The Portage Judo Club had some success this month.

The team sent 7 fighters to the Brandon Open last weekend and came back with even more medals. Coach Brian Case outlines the details.

"There were approximately 18 fighters from Eastern Saskatchewan and all across Manitoba, and we were lucky to come back with 8 medals. One person got two silvers, and we wound up with six silvers and two gold's."


Olivia Krynski, Andrew Stangl, and Troy Doherty each returned with Gold Medals from the event. Aaron Lehmen, Dwight Ducharme and Wade Campbell won silver. Dylaen Thiessen brought home two silvers, one in the U-18 category and the other in U-21.

Krynski (Middle)

It was also a big week for 3 Portage Judo Club members. Case says Pinto Town, Ryan Walker, and Natasha Burton all received their black belt certificates. He says it's been 16 years since someone received their black belt through the Portage Judo Club, and he doesn't think it's ever been done by 3 fighters at once.

"You have to obtain so many points from fighting, then you have to obtain so many points from coaching or just general helping with a Judo club. Then you have to know how to speak and know how to do all the throws in Japanese, as well as do a written test. So it's quite a procedure."