The Portage la Prairie School Division will be hosting Trustee Elections in October, and they are encouraging community members to think about becoming a board member.

Board chair Rod Brownlee, says that it's essential for individuals thinking about running to reach out to somebody who has been on the board to get an idea of what exactly they are getting into.

Brownlee goes over some important details of the upcoming elections.

"You have to register to get your name on the ballot, and that has to be done by September 20th. I believe the election is Wednesday, October 26," says Brownlee. "There are five city positions for trustee, and there are four rural positions, but once you get elected, you don't represent any particular area. You're looking out for the kids in the school division, and people must realize that."

He adds that you must have 20 to 25 signatures from people on the voter's list. 

From there, if elected, Brownlee proclaims that there is an excellent orientation program that Manitoba School Boards Association puts on.  

"It is important that people who want to run have in the back of their mind that they want to serve, because you're certainly serving the community and the kids, and that's extremely important."

Brownlee notes that he cannot disclose how many positions will be open.

"But it doesn't matter because all positions have to be nominated and have to be either reelected or elected by acclamation. There will be some open positions. I know that."

Brownlee says that some people get on the board and decide that the fit isn't what they wanted, but he notes that that doesn't seem to be the case in talking with most people on the board right now.

"It is something that people are passionate about and something that you learn from. Most people don't really have an idea about what goes on with the school division, school board, budget and all of those things. It's a learning experience. It really is. This is my 12th year, and I have really enjoyed my time on the board. There are frustrations, yes. You're bound to get that no matter what you're dealing with, but overall it's been a really rewarding time."

Brownlee notes, in closing, that the board hopes to have a range of people interested and running.

"You don't go in looking to necessarily change everything in the world, but go in to learn and to contribute to the school division and the kids."