Parents all over the province are concerned about the driving that goes on around our schools. 

Ewald Friesen, CAA Manitoba's Manager of Government and Community Relations says according to their research, 94 per cent of parents had concerns about school zone safety, with almost as many saying they have seen dangerous driving.

"Primarily, 92 per cent of our respondents said that they had witnessed unsafe driving behaviors," says Friesen. "This included speeding, double-parking and stopping at undesignated areas."

The top three concerns that Manitoba motorists have are speeding (32 per cent), traffic congestion (30 per cent), and lack of street parking (26 per cent). Friesen adds this has been a constant issue for years.

The best way to reduce congestion around schools is to consider other methods of transportation like biking, walking, or using a scooter. Additionally, for people behind the wheel, Friesen wants them to slow down and pay attention. If you speed in a school zone, you're looking at a fine of, at least, $200 and two demerits on your licence.

"We know that there are buses, of course, dropping our kids off around schools, and this is where things get really serious, as well," says Friesen. "If we see the lights flashing or the safety arm down on a bus, the fines for passing is getting up to 700 bucks and five demerit points. So, watch out for those school buses."

Safety patrollers will be out and about making sure the walk to school is safe for students.

Last but not least, Friesen suggests choosing a safe spot to drop off your kids. This can be a block over, where there will be less traffic. 


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