Portage la Prairie felt the full force of Canada Day for the first time since 2019 yesterday.

A plethora of events took place with fun activities going on all day. The best part of it all was the ability to do everything in person once again.

The Portage Regional Recreation Authority recreation manager Zapphira Neuschwander says it was an incredible feeling to see the community come together for such a special day.

"I was so excited to get back to Canada Day events. I got hired just before COVID, so this was finally an opportunity to hold a Canada Day event as the rec manager for the PRRA," Neuschwander explains. "It was so exciting personally but also it was just great to see people out. It was a really great day."

With this being her first time structuring Canada Day festivities, Neuschwander says it was fun but a lot of work.

"It took a lot of planning. Due to COVID, and not being too sure what we'd be able to hold this year, planning started a lot later than it normally would," Neuschwander continues. "So I had an extremely planning-packed two months, which normally would've begun in February."

Despite the hurdles of the shortened time frame, the event as a whole was still a big success. The PRRA's recreation manager says the community support shown was very encouraging.

"I'm most happy to see smiling faces, families enjoying themselves, and kids having fun. That's why we host this event, so seeing that is really great."

Neuschwander says her favourite part of the day was being able to sit back and enjoy the fireworks at the end of it it. She hopes to be able to coordinate an even better Canada Day celebration in 2023.