Cereals Canada has released its 2023 Annual Report highlighting the organization's work around market access, market support and development and technical achievements. 

CEO Dean Dias says the release of the report is an exciting time because the staff has done some incredible work in support of the cereals value chain. 

He says Cereals Canada is responsible for work relating to wheat, barley, and oats in a number of areas like market access.

"Our role is market access and making sure that we keep markets open. One of the highlight stories would be the work we did with CFIA in Vietnam, there was a phytosanitary issue in Vietnam. We were able to reopen that market for the Canadian value chain."

Dias says another highlight focuses on the technical support they provide to the grain industry.

"We've had some customers that always look for technical support, either to use the crop or to make sure that the quality of the Canadian crop enhances the value in their own end products. So we were able to, problem solve an issue that was happening in South America. Where they were making hamburger buns, which had some blistering and a space that was happening within the buns. We realized that it wasn't really the flour quality of Canadian wheat, it was the ingredients that they were using."

He points out that the report also highlights all of the work that they do on different programs throughout the year, from bringing participants to Canada, or the new crop missions and harvest assessment work that they do to inform customers of the quality of the crop.

You can read the full report from Cereals Canada here.