Premier Heather Stefanson announced today that a $200-million carbon tax Relief Fund would see money in your pockets if your or your combined family income is less than $175,000. MLA Ian Wishart says individuals, couples and families are receiving cheques to help out with the extra cost of the carbon tax that everyone has to pay.

"We all know we get rebates, but it doesn't really cover the whole cost of it," says Wishart. "It's $225 per person or $375 per couple. So, it covers most households but not high-income households. It's building on the announcement that we made, actually, last fall on affordability for families, and is a little broader this time."

He says it's also in response to the extremely high inflation rates that we've been seeing lately. 

"Some of that has certainly been driven by the carbon tax, which is added on to fuel costs and costs of moving goods, which certainly is built into the price," says Wishart. "This will help with affordability, especially for folks on a lower income."

Wishart outlines some feedback from the previous announcement.

"There were some gaps in the first about whether they covered everyone or not," adds Wishart. "This certainly will get around that. We've been looking for the federal government to give us a break on the carbon tax increases. They have chosen not to do that. A number of other provinces have done something to help with that, and this is our way to do that as well."