The City of Portage la Prairie has another name that's been added to the bids for those running for a seat on council in the upcoming October 26th election.

Bill Knott notes he's always had an interest in politics.

"I think citizens should take an interest in what's going on with your roads or sewers, things that are happening, parks, and so on," explains Knott. "So, having the time as a retired person, I thought would have a go at it."

He outlines reasons for votes to come his way this fall.

"I think I'm a good listener. I like to listen, then question, and then act," continues Knott. "There's not enough listening or questioning being done. I think. There's no chance to ask questions with council. I think we should have a question period. I think we should be discussing things in public, not behind closed doors. Council meetings last half an hour, or less than an hour. There's very little discussion because this all seems to be decided beforehand."

Knott says residents need to know about how their tax money is being used.

He adds running to be on council has crossed his mind in the past, but he and his wife have done a fair amount of traveling. 

"We had a lot of other interests," notes Knott. "Things have slowed down right now, so I might as well do this for the next four years, or try to, anyway."

He says that he hopes people will register and vote because he believes it's one of the things that all citizens should do. 

"You vote in those three different kinds of elections -- federal, provincial and municipal," notes Knott. "People often vote in the federal and provincial elections, but not so much in municipal. And it's our roads right outside our house, our water that comes in, the sewer, and the infrastructure in the town. That's important and right in front of us. The grass, the little things that have annoyed people, like 'You gotta cut your grass,' or 'You gotta do this or do that.' Well, all of those things impact us immediately, unlike, say, the federal government where the federal government makes decisions and you read about it, but it doesn't really affect you. Municipal politics does. I think this is something, really, that people should vote on and I hope they vote."

He says he hopes people come out in October and vote, and select his name for a start.