May long weekend is a time to spend with friends and family, relaxing and hopefully enjoying the sun's warmth. However, the current forecast is bracing us for a below-average weekend, at least weather-wise. 

Sarah Hoffman, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, says that Portage is looking at some rain and perhaps even snow on Friday, something she notes is "kind of lucky" not be happening on the actual weekend itself.

Hoffman talks about the potential snow coming down Friday morning.

"We're not looking at too much accumulating snow. It's possible that a centimetre of snow could start to accumulate on colder surfaces, but nothing too intense, and it would definitely be gone by the time the day heated up."

Moving onto the weekend, the meteorologist says that conditions certainly start to improve, at least when compared to Friday, but it will be a tad cooler compared to what is typical for this time of year.

"Normal for this time of year is a daytime high of 21 degrees Celsius, and we're looking at a daytime high of nine for Saturday, 14 for Sunday and 16 for Monday. So, still well below that normal for this time of year, but mainly sunny. No more rain, so hopefully, that will be a bit of a consolation."

Hoffman adds that projecting long-term forecasts at this time is a little bit trickier just because of spring weather. But at this point, she says it looks like things will be calm until mid to late next week, when we could see some thunderstorms and showers pop up. "Nothing too intense at this time," concludes Hoffman.