Author and filmmaker, Kevin Miller, recently visited some lucky grade eights students of Yellowquill School.

Miller came to the school and led creative writing workshops. Marylou McFarlane organized the day, and she believes it's essential to have professionals come in and provide information and ideas to the students. She shares the kids enjoyed it; they were very engaged and involved.

During the workshops, students were reversing a sci-fi film by looking at a movie poster. Miller promoted students to fill in the storyline by asking questions. Miller notes, his goal was to spark the imagination.

"I think there are a lot of people out there who would like to write, but they just don't even know where to begin," says Miller. "It's fun to come out and show students some tools that they can use to trigger story ideas. I think that there are a lot of budding writers out there, and hopefully, it inspires them to go out and try it for themselves."

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