Those in Elm Creek finally got the opportunity to go out and make some deals with the return of the community garage sale.

Alice Miller says the sale was held on April 30, with the curling rink being rented out to host the event. She notes it's a very important event for Elm Creek, so she's glad people came out and supported it, despite the two-year break.

"It's mostly for the rural people," mentions Miller. "So it's very hard for them to have a garage sale or yard sale, so we offer these spots for $10, they haul all their stuff in, and they have 20 tables and it has really worked out well this year."

She adds, while the weather was pretty poor, it allowed for a lot of business for the garage sale, as people didn't want to go outside for any yard work. While it's been tough to get through the pandemic, those in Elm Creek are just relieved to be taking baby steps back toward pre-COVID life.

She notes the garage sale wasn't the only thing happening in the community that day.

"The daycare had a pancake breakfast in the lobby," notes Miller. "So, the entire building was being used and people were coming through, having pancakes and sausages, then they could browse the garage sales, so that worked out really well."

She mentions she's extremely excited to have the garage sale return next year, hopefully in a larger capacity.