It's now fall, and time for the annual Equinox Feast in Portage la Prairie. The Family Resource Centre, Youth for Christ Youth Unlimited, Recreation Opportunities for Kids Central, Portage Bear Clan and Portage Community Revitalization Corporation are working together for the cause.

YFC executive director Art Schroeder says it's an at-home free meal for which people register.

"Families have been given forms to reserve their spot," says Schroeder. "We're anticipating, I think, close to 200 people to come for that meal. They just pick up at either one of the two locations. It's really going to be a great meal put on for the community."

ROK Central executive director Vienna Muise says the annual feast was previously hosted by the Bear Clan.

"There have been donors as well," says Muise. "We recognize that some people, depending on the area you live in and because of accessibility and transportation, can walk, but they need to be able to get to something within walking distance. So, ROK Central is one of those pickup locations and The Door, through Youth For Christ, is the other pickup location. This puts one in the northwest and one in the northeast." 

She notes people have already registered by having called in, and the deadline was September 16th.

"Between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., they can show up, we just take their names, and we give them their meals," continues Muise. "There have been a few people with mobility issues. So, we also have someone that would be driving to deliver those particular meals to those individuals."

She notes they learned that this system worked quite well and people can take the meal home.

"There's going to be a beef stew, bannock, and haskap crisp," adds Muise. "They reached out to an organization or a business and they have donated haskap berries. So, it should be interesting because I've heard it's very much like a blueberry, but healthier, if that's possible." 

Muise says they appreciate what's important for the community and want to ensure it's something that they can continue to do. 

She notes donors have been so essential to the program every year, and they couldn't do it without them.