The Happy Rock Restaurant Challenge is here for the first time in Gladstone. All five restaurants participating either made a burger or a sandwich for the community to enjoy and vote on. Tara Fulton, one of the members of the Gladstone Agricultural Society, notes what the challenge is all about. 

 "We just thought it would get to get people out and support the local restaurants and get kind of people kind of involved getting ready for the fair that's coming up this weekend. We wanted everybody to go around, try each sandwich or burger the restaurant has and then get everybody to vote for their favourites. Saturday, during the fair parade, we will announce who was voted the most favourite burger or sandwich of the week." 

This is the first ever challenge in Gladstone, and Yvonne Bresnahan, owner of Gladstone Bakery and eatery, is happy to be a part of the experience. 

"We'll just do our best, and hopefully, we can stimulate some taste buds. And, we'll see where this competition goes, it's all in fun, but it'll be interesting to see what the population decides."

Bresnahan also takes the time to mention how amazing it is to do things like this in the community of Gladstone. 

"It's nice that we can do this, and we're able to do the AG fair again that  we haven't had for a couple of years. There's I think there's a fair bit of excitement around it, and people are really inventive to try and make it special." 

The challenge started on the 29th of July and will continue until this Friday August 5th when the Gladstone Agricultural fair starts.