Those who didn't have a chance to register for a Christmas hamper from the Salvation Army still have a chance to pick one up.

Major Brenda Coles explains you can come down to the Salvation Army tomorrow morning to do so.

"Come down [tomorrow], between nine and noon, to the Salvation Army. We will provide people with a hamper. It'll be a little chaotic, there may be a wait but we'll do what we can to make sure you have something for Christmas."

She notes they provide this opportunity because sometimes people don't have the chance to register for a hamper.

"Some people, for whatever reason, weren't able to register or things got away from them or whatever. We're in the week of Christmas now, Christmas is just a few days away and the stress of that could be so much, and they realise 'I need to do something'. So today's a day that they have [that] chance."

Coles says people can come on down and they will look after them the best they can.