It was a successful weekend for the "Fire on Ice" ice racing event on Crescent Lake in Portage la Prairie.

Around 25 cars took part in the first annual event, with a few dropping out to numerous issues. Racing Director Jordan Sharples says the local support was incredible.

Jordan Sharples and his car after the competition.

"This was a great event for us. Portage, not only just the spectators that turned out, but the support we got from the PRRA (Portage Regional Recreation Authority) and the PRED's (Portage Regional Economic Development) Douglas (Barill) and his crew have just been unbelievable. The racers won't quit talking about it, it was a lot of fun and we really appreciated being here."

Local resident Darren Reichart took in the event with his family, and says it's something he hadn't seen before.

Darren Reichart and family taking in the ice racing

"So we thought we'd come out and check it out. We have three 10-year-olds with us here today, so we thought we'd expose them to it. Everyone's enjoying themselves, and it's a good experience for the community."

Sharples adds they're already starting planning for 2017.

"Absolutely. Douglas Barill from the PRED, he's fired right up and so engaged. We're going to have a post meeting in a couple of weeks and go over some things to start talking already about 2017 -- and what he sees for the future -- and what we can also do to help him out with that."