The pandemic fended off the Firefighter's Burn Fund Bike Auction in Portage la Prairie for the previous two years, and things finally backed off for one to go ahead this time around. It took place last weekend, and as an added blessing, a Ukrainian family who made their home in Portage was assisted. 

Firefighter Curtis Rance outlines how the event fared.

"We had a half-decent turn out for the first year back from COVID," says Rance. "It's kind of what I expected for the amount of people. It turned out to be a beautiful day. The rain held off for us. We were able to raise about $4000. We haven't factored in all of our expenses yet, but we're in that ballpark."

Rance notes a special gift was presented during the auction which wasn't planned.

"We were also able to support a newly-arrived Ukrainian family," adds Rance. "The Firefighter's Social Club bought three bikes for the kids at about $300. We just saw them milling around the bikes that morning and were able to help them out. They seemed to be very appreciative so they didn't speak any English, so it was a little tough, but we had a translator there for us so."

Bikes given to Ukrainian familyBikes given to Ukrainian family
A bike for the toddlerA bike for the toddler

He says all the bikes were sold and cleared out. 

"Usually, we have some bikes that aren't in as good shape," continues Rance. "They're missing parts, or they're just in really bad, rough shape. We usually sell those off as one big pile. Everything went."

Rance says there were about 90 bikes all in all.