The Portage la Prairie School Board had a chance to hear about Project Sprout last night.

PCI's Business and Marketing Teacher Sean Hopps has partnered with Portage Regional Economic Development to start a grant program for Grade 12 students in Marketing. Students present their business in a Dragon's Den style format in hopes of getting a $1,000 grant to help jumpstart their business. Hopps says the partnership with PRED is crucial for the project.

PCI's Business and Marketing Teacher Sean Hopps

"Working with PRED is definitely something that's been very advantageous for the students because now they realize this isn't a project they work on to present to get a mark and then they're done. This is now something that they can present and earn some money, gain some grants, gain some mentorship from Douglas (Barill) as well as the people who judge them. They have open workspaces at PRED that they can go to do different things like register their business' name, a full out computer with Photoshop suite, everything they need. They basically have their own office."

Hopps outlines a few of the winners, and why some may get rejected.

"Fearlessly Flawed, which was the comic book resurfacing on shoes. They've also tailored a little into some furniture and cabinetry as well. Auto Living, which is an auto part resurfacing and detailing and reselling. Previous years we've heard some pretty grand ideas for Portage -- and these ideas are not dead ideas -- just because they didn't win the competition doesn't mean the idea is gone. These are things they just need to gain some more insight in."

He's looking forward to all the amazing ideas in the future.