This past Thursday, there was a memorial concert held at Island Park which had good food and an incredible turnout.  

The guest fiddler performing, Mark Morisseau says that he was very happy to be able to entertain with so many other great artists, as well as having the Metis Prairie Steppers at the event. He adds that he was happy with the nice weather for the concert.  

“The weather has turned out for us to have this moment. We were just looking forward to seeing all the music lovers come out and have a good time with us. It is always nice to return to Portage and see everybody supporting the event.”  

The barbeque started taking place at 6:00 that evening with it being busy throughout the concert, which took place at 7:00. It was a great night full of support from locals and people visiting from all over Manitoba and even some from Alberta.  

An educator with Central Plains Cancer Services (CPCS), Pat Knowles, was thrilled with the event. CPCS was at the event accepting donations for the memorial concert. Knowles shares that they were happy to help with and attend the event.  

“We are excited to be able to attend these events, we are a busy organization. We enjoy the camaraderie of the community attending and supporting this family. It's just nice to attend this event.”  

Pat Knowles

The event organizers were happy to see everyone enjoying the barbeque and music, the concert is expected to go on in years to come. Check out some of the pictures from the event.