Last week the town of Gladstone questioned who had the best burger or sandwich with the Happy Rock Restaurant Challenge.

Five restaurants went head-to-head with their creations. Over 150 voted on who they thought was best. In the end, Lickity Splits Drive Inn won with their Pulled Pork Deluxe Burger. They were crowned on Saturday during the Gladstone Agricultural fair in front of a vast audience. 

 Mag Jenkins, the owner of Lickity Splits Drive Inn, notes how challenging the competition was for her business. 

"We were so busy, I worked 14-hour days," Jenkins continues. "It was good. It was exciting. I think we're going to do it again. " 

Over the course of the week, the drive-in restaurant sold 61 burgers, with one dollar from every burger going toward the community's senior support group. Jenkins says they always make sure to donate to the group once a year and that the challenge was the perfect opportunity. 

After this challenge, Jenkins notes how her business even got invited to participate in the Manitoba Challenge. However, they could not give us any sneak peeks at what they might create when that time comes around.