Hensall Co-op has set a new record for annual revenues for independent Canadian-owned agricultural co-ops.

During its recent AGM the Co-op reported annual revenues of over $1 billion as it celebrates its 85th Anniversary.

Hensall Co-op operations include 25 locations in Ontario and Manitoba, with farm contracts throughout Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, as well as a number of US locations.

For the fiscal year ended July 31, 2022, revenues increased 21 per cent year-over-year to $1,085 Million across its vast business portfolio.  

The company points out that its newest subsidiary Hensall Foods, established in 2021, has seen solid growth.

Hensall Foods was created to research and develop value-added opportunities in the food and food ingredient industry.

Its first released project provides fresh, ready-to-eat refrigerated meals with new innovative packaging and microwave technology.

In October, they were the winners of the Best Packaging award in the New Product Showcase at Grocery Innovations Canada.

Hensall Foods sells the meals under the 'Screaming Chef' brand, and has secured contracts with two major Canadian food retailers.