As we all anxiously await springtime, Heritage Harvest is prepping for the season. They're associated with the Manitoba Ag Museum and Canadian Foodgrains Bank to help feed those overseas. President Nicole Blyth says they're currently working on processing some inputs and launching a fundraiser entitled Adopt an Acre for your help. 

"It's to offset the cost of being able to plant our 2024 wheat crop," explains Blyth. "You can purchase an acre for $100 per acre and that will completely pay for the crop input for that acre. There is a total of 65 acres. We do this annually in order to help offset the cost every year so that we can actually donate more funds back to our partner organizations."

Nicole BlythNicole Blyth

Blyth explains Heritage Harvest works with a field that the Manitoba Ag Museum owns, and they grow crops annually to donate funds back to their partner organizations. The government then matches those funds to feed people overseas.  

"Funds that are used within the Manitoba Ag Museum are used in their heritage funds," continues Blyth. "They are actually for the future of having that museum around. We're currently trying to fundraise $6,500, for the 65 acres." 

Adopt An Acre

She notes donations can be made through credit card on Canada Helps, they can do an E-transfer or cheques can be made out to Heritage Harvest Committee. You can always get in contact with a board member of the group, as well. 

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