The Herman Prior Activity Centre recently opened its doors for an annual open house. Barb Cavers, a dedicated volunteer and former treasurer at the center. She shared her journey, from joining in 2006 to her current role, helping out wherever needed.  

“If it were not for this place, I don't know how I would have made it through when my husband died.” Cavers said, “Because I came here at least four days a week, I was lonely. Coming here, I got to meet a bunch of people and interact with them, and it got me over that first awful period where I didn't know what to do with myself.” 

Barb emphasized that the Herman Prior isn't just for seniors; people of all ages are welcome, and it's a place where generations come together. 

Kathy Bryce, the Executive Director, shared her excitement about the open house, highlighting the variety of activities available, from clogging to line dancing. 

Kathy also stressed the importance of memberships, which help support the center's programs while keeping costs low for everyone. 

“The best way to support the center is our membership program.” Bryce shared, “I think there's 627 members right now. So, the membership is $30.00. So that's it's a good support for us and it really helps to keep all our programs and activities at a low cost so anybody can come in and enjoy them.” 

Whether you're seeking new friends, exciting activities, or a place to belong, the Herman Prior Centre is where it's at. So, when you're in town, make sure to stop by and experience the heartwarming community spirit for yourself. 


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