High water levels have caused all sorts of issues in Southern Manitoba this spring. Although most of the issues are a fair distance from Portage, there are some side roads and country roads that have been affected.

One of the closest spots to have water over the road and a detour in effect is Highway 2 just East of Rathwell. It's a major route people in the area use to get to and from Winnipeg along with the other communities on the road. The Boyne River has spilled its banks closing the highway between Rathwell and the 305 turn off. (the highway that runs north/south through Long Plain)

The water first came over the road early Monday and even though levels have dropped somewhat this week, it is still a major problem. Taking into account the damage it has caused, it may be a while before they can reopen the 2km stretch even after the water recedes, as repairs will be needed. Officials are asking people to stay away from the area and to never drive through water over the road.

There is a marked detour and the extra distance is adding significant time to those that use the highway on a regular basis. Many of the gravel roads in the area have also seen some significant damage.