With Christmas just a couple of months away, those behind the Holiday Avenue Project are starting to get to work on making Portage a winter wonderland.

Co-committee chair Karen Faurschou says this is the first year that they’ve formed a committee, with the previous years just being a group of Portagers wanting to give the city a Christmas-inspired makeover. She notes that by forming a committee, they’ve been able to continue improving.

“We're a little bit more organized and what we're going to be doing is what we have done in the past, decorating the avenue containers,” explains Faurschou. “We also have been very, very fortunate in securing some funding. We also have some signage to put up and in general just really hoping to add a festive air to Saskatchewan Avenue.”

She adds that they’re always looking for volunteers who want to help add a festive twist to the city. She notes that the local businesses and community members are the ones that truly make each year’s Holiday Avenue Project better than the one before.

“If we could have our way, we would turn Saskatchewan Avenue into a Hallmark holiday movie,” notes Faurschou.

She asks that anyone interested in volunteering should reach out to their Facebook or at holidayaveproject@gmail.com. They’re also specifically looking for cedar tree branches, as well as any other kinds of holiday decorations.