The Espey family name continues to grow stronger in the world of arm wrestling.

Jordan Espey put forth her best performance yet last weekend as she brought home a pair of silver medals from the Canadian National Arm Wrestling Championships. She says it was extremely satisfying to step onto the podium at the end of it all.

"I was feeling very, very happy with my placement. I have never placed at nationals previously," Espey continues. "I think I did extremely well for it being my first year back after COVID. I was super proud of myself and my performance."

The 14-year-old says this was only her second time competing at a national event, with the first taking place nearly two and a half years ago.

Despite taking home second place with both her right and left arms, Espey believes she still has a lot of room to grow.

"I'm planning on training with a variety of people and practicing different techniques, so I can be prepared for anything that comes my way," Espey explains. "I just want to grow my knowledge of the sport."

Espey notes next year she will be moving up to the 16U division, where she says there will be tougher competition. With that in mind, she adds she will be harnessing her skills as much as possible for the rest of the year.

Arm wrestling legend Ryan Espey is Jordan's father, and she notes having him in her corner has been such a blessing. Ryan says he sees many parts of himself in his daughter.

"She basically told me she's not training hard enough and wants to step it up," says Ryan Espey. "She's not satisfied with silver, and I can see a bit of myself in her as she wants to put her foot on the gas and see how far she can go with this thing. There are big things to come for her."

While it was a big day for Jordan, she wasn't the only Espey to be celebrated that weekend. Ryan was inducted into the Canadian Armwrestling Hall of Fame. She says this made the event way more special.

"I was so happy. I was proud of myself, even though there was room for improvement, but I was so proud of my dad," says Espey. "I was almost in tears because of how proud I was. He has been waiting so long for that moment. I was just so glad to be there to witness him achieve that goal he's been striving for, for so many years."

Espey, like her father, is ambidextrous when it comes to arm wrestling, ending with the same result on both sides at nationals, however, she believes her non-dominant hand is actually the better of the two.

"I think I specialize mostly in the left arm, even though I'm right-handed. The left arm has always been easier for me to pull," Espey continues. "I'm not sure if it's necessarily stronger but I find it way easier to practice different techniques. I'm just way more confident and comfortable using my left arm."

Jordan is already planning on attending the national tournament again next year, this time in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.