The RM of Cartier isn't giving up on its quest to learn the answers to several questions they've posed to the province regarding Emergency Medical Services changes with the new geo-posting system.

EMS vehicle heading to emergency in Portage"The three concerns are: With the loss of the station, what is the plan to give emergency services to the local communities?" says Reeve Dale Fossay. "And the people on the highway during the winter months -- routinely the Trans-Canada Highway is closed anywhere from six to ten times; ambulances cannot get out to you because of the driving conditions; and increased load on volunteers, for sure."

Fossay adds comments were requested and not received about the provision of a heated garage and comfortable staff quarters for many years. He adds, in all fairness, they're taking a visit to Brandon this week to the 9-1-1 base facility to see for themselves what the changes will entail, leaving the jury out for the moment.