Timing is important when it comes to using a pre-harvest application for weed control or harvest management.

Pam de Rocquigny is general manager of the Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association.

"For a crop like wheat, you want to make sure that the crop throughout the whole field has reached at least that 30 per cent moisture content or lower," she said. "So if you're looking at an entire field, and we recognize that field can be variable, you're looking at that greenest part of the field or the least mature part of the field and your timing it based on that."

De Rocquigny says improper timing can affect yield and quality, noting test weight could be impacted. She adds early application can also result in grain that exceeds Maximum Residue Limits, which may have an implication depending on where the crop is being marketed.

It's also important to always follow follow label instructions and pay attention to pre-harvest intervals.

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