Portage chiropractic clinic is building on Dr. Bruce Narvey’s legacy

Portage la Prairie continues to benefit from world-class muscular-skeletal care through the Portage Chiropractic Centre—part of the Keeping You Active family of locally-owned clinics.

Launched in Neepawa before adding a location in Minnedosa, Keeping You Active saw an opportunity to expand to Portage when long-time chiropractor and community member Dr. Bruce Narvey retired late last year. Dr. Devon Fordyce is now practicing out of the clinic on 1200 Saskatchewan Avenue West, and, according to Keeping You Active owner Dr. Mark Perrett, Portage residents can expect a continuation of the high-quality care to which they’ve become accustomed.

“Dr. Narvey served the community for 40 years and practiced with a similar mission,” says Dr. Perrett. “The likeness between our offices and practice styles fits well together. It’s been a positive transition, and we’ve received great feedback from existing patients.”

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Keeping You Active has also welcomed many new patients since opening its doors last November.

“We’ve averaged 10 per week, with a lot having never been to a chiropractor before,” Dr. Perrett points out. “Many of our patients are working hard in the region’s various industries and have previous or recent injuries we’ve been able to resolve.”

For his part, Dr. Fordyce is trained to treat people of all ages, from all walks of life. Patients can initially expect him to reduce their inflammation and irritation—perhaps from an injury—and then assist them in restoring strength and function. He’ll also provide them with the tools to help prevent re-injuries, such as exercise and stretching.

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Chiropractors generally have experienced new and increased challenges the past two years, as the COVID-19 pandemic compelled some employees to work from impromptu home offices, others to strain themselves through overwork and stress, and many to suffer from a lack of physical activity.

Dr. Perrett says that he and his colleagues have been able to meet the moment by offering both treatment and advice.

“Throughout the pandemic our conversations with patients have focused away from the fears of COVID-19 and towards becoming a more resistant host,” he explains. “This includes topics such as being active, eating righting, getting enough sleep and managing stress.”

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