Kevin Roy and the Whisky Jack Band finished off the concert season in style last night at the Glesby Centre in Portage la Prairie.

"I really enjoyed it," says Marlene Reisner, who attended the show. "I think the crowd enjoyed it too because there was a lot of clapping."

Kevin Roy on stage at the Glesby Centre. (Photo by Aaron Wilgosh)

Glesby Executive Director Carolyn Gray was busy during the intermission break, but says everything was great, especially the show.

"I've been 'womaning' his merch table and people are coming up thrilled. We're selling so much merchandise because he sounded so amazing."

Roy came out to help with the merch table during intermission and chatted with fans. (Photo by Aaron Wilgosh)

Portager Vicki Hooke also took in the performance and left with a souvenier.

"I thought it was absolutely delightful. I bought a CD and I thought the show was excellent as are so many shows here at the Glesby. I can not encourage people enough that this is the season to get tickets for next year. And to get talent like this in our hometown, you just can ask for anything better."