After Portage la Prairie Mayor Irvine Ferris announced he would not seek re-election this October, residents have been wondering who will step up to fill his shoes. Current councillor Sharilyn Knox hopes it will be her.

Knox made the announcement earlier today on social media that she looks forward to revealing her vision and platform in August. She says "it has been a great privilege to serve as your Councillor, it has given me invaluable insight and knowledge of city operations and the importance of fostering strong relationships with our municipal, provincial and federal partners. I look forward to engaging with our community during the electoral process to discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities we face, while laying out my vision for the term ahead and beyond."

She shares her thoughts as to why she made the decision.

"I definitely have given this decision a lot of thought and made sure that I had the support from the people around me -- my board of directors, my family, and my colleagues -- to take on this challenge," says Knox. "I have been on council for the past almost four years and have really learned how our city operates. I'm ready to take on the challenge of a new position. We have a lot of great things going on in our city when it comes to infrastructure and industry in our region, but I do know that our city definitely has some challenges that we're facing and I'm ready to help us take them head-on."

She explains that she's revealing her platform in August, but wanted to make the announcement early so that people who know that Mayor Ferris is retiring from the position could also be assured that there are others ready to step up and fill that role. 

Knox notes that she doesn't expect her current position as executive director with Central Plains Cancer Services to change any more than it did while she was councillor.

"I have the support from my board of directors to take on both positions which I'm very happy about, and I know that I can make that work," adds Knox. "Both positions are very flexible in time and office hours. So, I look forward to the challenge of taking them both on."

Election day is October 26, 2022.


Sharilyn Knox's social media post