An estimated 200 people were on hand for Legend Seeds Annual Knowledge Plot Tour held Wednesday near Winkler.

Business Development Manager Jeff Bereza said it was the largest crowd ever for the annual corn and soybean event.

He explained the focus of the day.

jeff bereza small
Jeff Bereza

"We like to bring the growers and the dealers together, along with a lot of the industry specialists that can talk about things about how to make soybeans and corn a better crop for them," said Bereza. "They may be looking at seed treatments, they may be looking at row spacing because corn and soybeans are becoming such a big part of the agricultural landscape in western Canada."

Speakers were on hand from Wisconsin, South Dakota, Ontario and Manitoba.

Bereza talked about one of the highlights from the event.

"Some of the different platforms of soybeans that are out there. We're really excited to have Dow AgroSciences here with the new Enlist soybeans, as well as Monsanto, with the Xtend platform. It's so important when we're looking at multiple modes of action in order to kill weeds, and both of these companies are offering soybeans that can do that."

He said Manitoba's soybean crop looks exceptional this year, however Bereza noted there were some concerns about soybean aphids. He added that earlier maturing soybeans have really helped to fuel the expansion of soybean acres in western Canada.

A second event was scheduled for Thursday near Brandon.