The Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies has presented a lifetime award to a woman and her late husband for their outstanding achievement.

Mary and Ron Kalberg received the award, and have given over 110 years combined to the Ag Society. Mary says while she definitely appreciates being recognized for their efforts, she notes it's been a fun ride regardless.

"For me personally, it's the work the kid's stuff," Kalberg notes when asked about her favourite part of working with the Ag Society. "We had a lot of fun. We had a little thing called the Whiz Kids, which was just a series of little activities for kids to do and I really enjoyed that."

She adds she's so grateful to have the support of the community, as that makes everything worth it.

Jim Klywak, with the North Norfolk Agricultural Society, held a presentation for the Kalberg's and he says their work with 4-H was also very inspiring. He mentions what they presented Kalberg with.

"We presented a pair of seedless Cottonwood trees," explains Klywak. "Which had some significance with the Kalberg family 'cause they live very close to the halfway tree."

He adds that everyone in the Manitoba Association Of Agricultural Societies is thankful for their service.