A new endowment fund to care for the Prospect Cemetery in the future has been created through the Community Foundation of Portage and District.

Executive Director Mary Lynn Moffat says they were excited when the Prospect Cemetery Committee approached them about the fund, and she was delighted when they donated $35,000 to get it started.

"They've set up the Prospect Cemetery Fund, which allows the interest from the fund to go back to the maintenance of the cemetery every year. This ensures that there's money there to actually hire somebody, or pay for expenses of upkeep, or if there's new signage needed. They set it up because they wanted to make sure the cemetery will be looked after."

Moffat explains the details of the fund.

"It falls under our designated funds, which means it's specifically designated to the Prospect Cemetery. Anyone in the community can make a donation to add and increase the fund if they so desire. We off tax receipts as well."

Get in touch with the CFPD if you'd like to make a donation to the Prospect Cemetery Fund.