The Manitoba Country Music Awards are coming up next month and for Brad Moggie, the event is extra special this year. Moggie, who grew up in St. Ambroise, has his first ever nominations and both came in the All Star Band Category. When this year's names were announced, he found his in both the guitar and special instrument categories for his work with the fiddle. Best known for his fiddle playing, Moggie is accomplished on both instruments and was blown away by the nominations.

"Honestly, I want to thank everyone for supporting me and enjoying my music. Voting for me and being by my side. I'm beyond honoured being nominated, especially in these categories with all these amazing musicians. This is the first time. I'm basically speechless. It's a great feeling. I'm extremely grateful for it."

Moggie started playing fiddle when he was just 10 years old when a fiddling program was introduced at St. Laurent school. From there, he took more lessons from another local fiddler, Mark Morrisseau, whom Moggie says has been a major influence. The instruments have given Moggie many opportunities over the years as he has played with numerous bands and performed shows all over Manitoba and Western Canada. Small venues, festivals, community fundraisers and big concerts are all over his resume.

Moggie is still hoping to accomplish more in the industy and does have a new album in the works, but it's one he has been working on for several years.

"It's so funny. Every time I work on it, something comes up and it gets put on the back burner. But it's certainly coming."

The talented musician is also helping shape the next generation of fiddlers as a teacher himself.

"Honestly, it's the best feeling ever. If I can pass on my knowledge to someone who gets great joy out of it, that's almost as good as or better than being on stage. I want to keep traditional fiddle music and Metis music growing and alive. It has a deep tradition in our area."

The Manitoba Country Music Awards will be a virtual show this year and will be handed out November 6th.