Assiniboine Community College held a graduation ceremony yesterday at Canad Inns for the Practical Nursing program. Karen Hargreaves talks about the opportunities grads will have now in the region.

"Over the last week, ACC's had 69 graduates in the practical nursing program," says Hargreaves. "Just speaking to the Regional Health Authority, there's 44 vacancies alone in Southern Health, so there's a lot of work out there, and our graduates are going to be scooped up really quickly."

Hargreaves notes there were 19 of 25 who graduates from the program offered at Southport. She says the ones who didn't graduate, will continue on to other sites to finish the program.

She says the LPN program is a very intense two-year placement that sees students dedicate their lives to it. She adds ACC has the highest competency of LPN grads across the country, and high sucess rates for the national exam.

Graduation Ceremony at Canad Inns.