Fort la Reine School's breakfast program had a visit this morning by Manitoba Nurses Union president Sandi Mowat to see how it's running. 

"We assisted in the startup of this program," says Nurse Cheryl Longmuir. "McCain originally was already sponsoring the schools with a breakfast type program, which was hash browns, probably once a month. So, we just jumped on that sponsorship and rode with them to get a program going everyday. We started in May just to see what that last couple of months of school would look like, and how it would all go."

Mowat says, "I'm so happy to be able to come and work with the nurses from the Portage Hospital, and so proud of them, particularly Cheryl, for taking this on. There's a lot of research that shows how important breakfast is for learning. So, this is a really important program for these kids. I'm really, really proud of the Manitoba Nurses Union."

Portage Hospital Dialysis Unit Nurse Ken Werbiski explains breakfast is important for children, and several studies show attendance increases, and behaviour in classrooms improve when children have had a good nutritious breakfast which leads to more kids coming to school.  He notes the breakfast program also provides kids with a sense of community, making them feel they belong. This, in turn, sees them attend school more often.

Amanda Sainsbury works in the operating room at the Portage District General Hospital, and brought a donation of $500 with her raised from a volleyball tournament back in March.The money's being divided between Fort la Reine School, Portage Collegiate Institute and the Humboldt cause.