If you've noticed while driving both in and out of Portage's west end, construction is once again underway for the replacement of the overpass into town. Work started last year, and is expected to be completed next year.

Portage MLA Ian Wishart gives us an update.

"I think everyone noticed that they began some bypass work, if you want to call it that, the other day," explains Wishart. "They'll be setting it up so the traffic will be able to not only go on through to Winnipeg, but also to come in the West End of Portage la Prairie. That's important for the businesses and the community down there."

He notes driving conditions will be awkward for a while due to detours while they're working, but it's worth it, knowing the bridge is being replaced.

"Of course, from the initial work last fall, it would be almost two years before we get it completely wrapped up, because we have to do some dirt work to build up the approach on that ramp," notes Wishart. "So, that's going to take a while, but things are moving forward. I was surprised how much work had already been done just in a few days there this spring."

Wishart adds they're trying to get things wrapped up as quickly as possible, and says the construction companies timetable also factors into this.

potholes in overpass

bypass work

bypass work

bypass workbypass work