The Portage Friendship Centre hosted National Indigenous Peoples Day yesterday at the Ukrainian Bandstand Shelter on Island Park Wednesday.

Jeanna Emms is a Career Consultant at the Centre and says they had dancers, jingle dresses, drumming, face painting, games, prizes, music, food, and much more. Emms was so happy about the event noting it was their first of this kind in several years.

"Just seeing everybody's face and being in person again, that COVID stretch was a hard one for everyone, especially for people like us who love to be in contact with our clients and people everyday. It was so hard," says Emms. "I'm super pleased to be able to see everybody and just give those hugs out that I've been wanting to give out for a couple of years."

Jeanna EmmsJeanna Emms

Emms says they couldn't have done this alone, noting the Portage Community Revitalization Corporation was a tremendous partner for this event, and they had many great sponsors and local businesses who came together for this cause.

"It's the fact that it's recognized, not just by all our participants and everybody that's come to join the day with us, but the city of Portage la Prairie," says Emms. "The way they accommodate everything we needed, everyone in our community has come together to make this a really great event, and it's only through our partners and the people that help us, our volunteers, that we're able to put an event like this together."