Athira Lal has recently taken on the office coordinator role at the Local United Way office, bringing her enthusiasm for community service. Having previously served as an administrative assistant in Shared Health, she was drawn to United Way's charitable mission and its focus on supporting the programs that help low-income individuals.

Since joining United Way three weeks ago, Lal has wasted no time getting involved in the organization's programs and volunteer initiatives. She expressed her excitement about the opportunity to contribute directly to the community.

"This position allows me to combine my administrative skills with a genuine desire to make a positive impact," Athiralal shared. "United Way's commitment to serving those in need aligns perfectly with my personal values."

Lal's transition from healthcare to nonprofit work underscores her dedication to serving others and her enthusiasm for her new role at United Way. As she settles into her responsibilities, she looks forward to making meaningful contributions to the organization's missions within the community.

Megan Romphf, the other Community Engagement Coordinator, says they are excited to have Lal on the team. 

"We're very excited here at the United Way to have Athira on board. She is a newcomer immigrant. She's got such a great background and skill set. She also brings new, fresh eyes and perspectives into the United Way on gaps and things that we might be missing that we would have never thought of before to support newcomers."