The Herman Prior Activity Centre is looking at some additions to their facility.

The centre will be adding three offices, and as executive director Kathy Bryce shares, things are looking to be on track. 

Bryce says the first office is scheduled to be completed by the end of May.  

"The Alzheimer's Society, who already have an office here, will be moving into that one because it is a bit bigger, and it will be better for seeing their clients right in the office." 

Bryce talks about the process of finishing the first office. 

"We have been working on getting architectural drawings done, and that is what took the longest. We started in October, and the beginning of March was when we finally got everything finalized with the architect, and we got the stamp drawings for them. So, hat was the biggest holdup. As soon as that was done, the end of March, then that's when construction began."

While the Alzheimer's Society's office is soon to be completed, Bryce notes that there is no real timeline of when they will finish the remaining two.

"They're going to take some time because we do have to apply for grants for the funding, which is quite often what happens here. We have a lot of very generous people that do give donations to the centre for whichever project we're currently working on. So, once we have some more funding come in for that, we will carry on with phase two."

Bryce adds that one of these offices will be rented out to a business still to be determined, and the other one will be used as a board room or meeting room that will be available for rent.

The executive director closes up the conversation by talking about how nice it is to see a project like this come to life.

"There's so much work that goes into setting up these projects in the first place. It feels good to see it move right along and to see some of these projects completed that Chris Dumont worked so hard at setting up."